Data Sentinel’s goal is to empower both businesses and consumers with the technology and solutions needed to enable a trusted and transparent data sharing relationship.

At an increasing rate, businesses are learning that investing in customer data protection and compliance offers benefits that far outweigh the costs. Competitive organizations know that their customer loyalty and business reputation are priceless. Companies that can offer their customers the most authentic, transparent, and mutually beneficial data sharing relationships are the industry leaders that will stand the test of time.

The future of privacy needs personalized and automated data transparency between companies and their customers. Those customers should be able to see how their information is being used, stored, and protected by companies. And ultimately, they should have the ability to change or delete their data from any given system simply and reliably, at the push of a button. With our technology and framework behind the scenes, it will be.

Join us at Data Sentinel on our journey to help both businesses and consumers to gain trust in their data and their data sharing relationship.