Who you are

You are a hands-on dynamic individual with 3 to 6 years of deep docker application development. Ideally you will also have experience with various data sources (relational database, file systems, NoSQL), spark streaming technologies, Kafka and docker for frontend technologies such as react. You want to grow your skills at an exciting, nimble, responsive company. You are ready to put in the effort and time to get to the next level. You are an adventurer and a team player. Whether it’s with your team, c-level executives or prospects, you can adapt to any situation.

What you will bring to the team and the company

  • An ideal combination of education and experience. You have a university or college degree. Your experience includes extensive docker application development, process design, testing practices and architecture decisions. You know how to fully exploit the potential of docker deployments.
  • An appreciation for collaboration. You may be competitive in nature, but you have a deep appreciation for the team with whom you work. You are ready to be supported by, and in return, support the business of a dynamic development team.
  • A genuine and charismatic personality while being a keen problem solver.
  • A strong desire to win. You want to be on the winning team and you are driven to do whatever it takes.

What you will be doing

You will be leading our product assembly and QA team at Data Sentinel. A high-growth software company that has developed a sensitive information intelligence platform that helps businesses to identify, inventory, categorize, track and trace sensitive data with the enterprise. We help companies know exactly what is in their data, no matter the source, the location, the type of data, or the scale. Our technology runs persistently within the business, constantly measuring data usage and placement against policies. We then trigger remediation actions, lowering risk while delivering compliant, governed and correct data back to the business.

You will be part of a senior product team, reporting to the SVP of Engineering and working closely with the CTO, with a goal of producing the most stable and feature rich product in our industry.


- Responsible for the end-to-end product assembly and packaging

- Responsible for the product QA function

- Lead and participate in the product repository & API development (PostgreSQL)

- Participate in the design & develop of Scala/Spark processes for data discovery

- Participate in the design & develop of data science processes for data classification and data quality

- Participate in the design & develop of the product UX

Skills Required

- Docker & Kubernetes containerization development, assembly, and packaging

- Product development QA process experience

- REST API development

- PostgreSQL database and relational database design

Bonus Skills

- Scala (with a focus on the functional programming paradigm)

- Apache Spark 2.x

- Apache Spark RDD API

- Apache Spark SQL DataFrame API

- Apache Spark Streaming API

- Spark query tuning and performance optimization

- SQL database integration (Microsoft, Oracle, Postgres, and/or MySQL, etc)

- Experience working with HDFS, S3, Cassandra, and/or DynamoDB

- Experience with document processing under Spark Streaming

- Experience with Kafka & Zookeeper

- Understanding of distributed systems